We Are Providing Refund and Cancellation Policy

For Subscription primarily based plans, a full refund is going to be issued if To The Digital technician haven’t been able to resolve even one issue at intervals the primary fifteen days of the subscription. If there are one or additional resolved problems, then prorated amount of the subscription are going to be preserved to the cancellation day and therefore the balance are going to be refunded. For example – if one subscribes to AN annual set up on 1-Jan 2013 (with ending on 31-Dec-2013), and so decides to cancel the subscription on 10-May-2013 (after one or additional of your problems are resolved), Globactive Tech can retain pro-rated subscription amount until 10-May-2013 and process Charges (if any), and refund the quantity} for the balance number of days.

For incident primarily based plans, you may be eligible for refund once any of the subsequent criterions are met:

You have got all the stipulations that were needed to resolve the matter and Issue wasn’t resolved until the time account was active. The problem is out of scope for the actual set up Seven days haven’t passed when the problem was last worked upon by a to the digital technician. It should take up to ten business days for the refund to mirror in your account.

Customer Complaints & Billing

Please decision 888-237-0864 or email and your problems or complaints are going to be registered instantly. The gyrate time for your charge issue/complaints might take up to two operating days. We attempt to produce quality service and resolve technical problems as presently as doable. We tend to perceive that a faulty system will result in several problems on personal and skilled front. Our vision is to supply around the clock technical services, by trained & good business consultants in price effective manner.